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Loyal customers drive profits for your company. Loyal customers are significantly more valuable to your company since they will typically repurchase more often, represent up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and will refer new customers your way. Our Net Promoter® process includes training, consulting, and performance reporting.  When working with Quality Solutions, Inc. on your Net Promoter process you can be assured you are working with a certified Net Promoter Consultant.  Many of our clients are supported with industry and direct competitor Net Promoter Scores to benchmark their performance.
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Our experts, supported by extensive research, have shown us that measuring satisfaction is not enough. Satisfaction measures are not sufficient to predict future behavior. Satisfied customers still defect. Customer Loyalty is a measure that brings us closer to business outcomes and encompasses the entire customer experience.  We will identify the best means of collecting timely and statistically valid feedback either though telephone surveys using our professional call center or by utilizing our online survey software.
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It may be a cliché but it’s true: no two companies are exactly alike. Effective solutions are the result of understanding where you are today, analyzing your business requirements and goals, assessing the market, and then developing custom and practical solutions which can be implemented and maintained by the client.  When you are working with Quality Solutions, Inc. you know our consultants have industry and functional expertise to help address the most complex of problems. We have developed a massive library of world-wide best practices. By borrowing pieces from these proven processes we can then customize the best solution for our clients.Learn More
Understand what influences your score. Utilize our four step process to engage the entire organization in working to achieve higher levels of customer loyalty and profitability. Understand drivers of customer loyalty and profitability. We begin with the ultimate question: “How likely would you be to recommend this company to a friend or colleague?” Respondents are asked to respond using a 0 to 10 scale where 5 is neutral. An effective Net Promoter process is not simply based on asking customers a single question and ending the survey. It is important to understand why each respondent gave you the score they did.
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A complete turnkey solution enables surveys to be created and deployed quickly and easily. Custom designed surveys, hosting services, cross tabulation, advanced statistical analysis, and detailed reports. Our online survey software is much more than just survey software. It is backed by the consulting expertise of market research professionals who are dedicated to providing a custom set of solutions.Learn More
The ISO 9001:2015 standard is here. If you are concerned with how to transition to the new standard, why not work with a firm who has a representative member of the US TAG 176? Go to recognized experts for interpretation of the standards. Quality Solutions has a 25 year 1st Time Certification Record. We will help you minimize the time it takes to revise your documentation. We also will you help you implement proven and effective Risk Management Tools required by the new standard. You have a business to run. Our proven, systematic and efficient approach will give you the freedom to do just that…
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Together we will create processes which increase Sales, Customer Loyalty, and Quality

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Building a Customer Centric Organization

Understand some of the best practices of world class organizations
  • How to integrate your customer satisfaction survey process into your business planning process
  • Do’s and Don’ts when implementing a Net Promoter System
  • Developing the infrastructure to attain high levels of customer satisfaction
  • Blending the voice of the Customer with the voice of the Business Processes
  • Employee Engagement – the key to success
  • Making it all work – Customization and Process Improvement
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Increased Customer Loyalty, Retention & Growth

Fact: It is worse to implement a poorly designed Customer Satisfaction Survey than to do nothing!

You want a customer feedback system which serves as a strategic business tool. Our customized customer satisfaction surveys help you:

  • Understand and exploit your distinctive competence
  • Move beyond the NPS metric and institute the systems to improve your performance
  • Develop centers of excellence which create customer value and loyalty
  • Provide actionable results which can be immediately addressed
  • Prioritize improvement efforts which are market driven
  • Energize your entire organization towards creating customer value

There are many consulting firms who want your business but no one is more committed to providing a customized solution built around your business needs, structure and budget. We will take the time to listen and understand your specific requirements. It’s not uncommon for a client to say “I don’t know what I want but I know what I have isn’t working.”  Our step by step diagnostic approach helps us build processes and systems with measurable outcomes.

As a result, Quality Solutions, Inc. has become internationally recognized as a management consulting firm offering clients a wide range of market research support and quality management services. Our services are designed with one goal in mind, “Performance Excellence.”

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Our Recent Testimonials

“We have customers with low to high volume, basic to very complex product requirements, it is necessary to have a sophisticated quality system that is both strong enough and flexible enough to enable us to meet or exceed all of our customers’ expectations. Along with being the consulting firm that was instrumental in helping us develop this system, Quality Solutions continues to provide their capable and qualified support assisting us in maintaining our ISO 9001, TS 16949 and ISO 13485 registrations. They have been a trusted management advisor for over 12 years.”
Lew Goulfine, Director, Florida Micro Electronics
“Ever since we implemented Quality Solutions’  transaction-based customer satisfaction survey with Net Promoter® scoring, we have been able to personally address customers with service concerns immediately.  Our customers have been very impressed with our timely response to their concerns and equally so, it has benefited our organization.  In our industry, we rely heavily on referrals among colleagues,  so it’s imperative that we garner customer feedback for analyses in order to consistently improve our service offering and remain competitive in the market.”
Jill Balcerzak, Marketing Director, Corporate Translations, Inc.
“We found a true partner in Quality Solutions.  From the start, they took the time to really understand our business and learned what makes it unique.  The decision to work with them was easy because they believed it was more important to provide us with a solution that met our specific needs, rather than sell us an “off the shelf” product.  If you are looking for a positive impact on your organization, we highly recommend working with Quality Solutions. The results have met and/or exceeded our expectations.”
Bobby Collins, Senior Vice President, PURE Group of Insurance Companies

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