The Top Four Reasons You Should Care About Your Net Promoter Score®


Although a net promoter score® may not seem like something worth worrying about, you need to take this metric very seriously. You see, this type of metric measures the overall willingness of customers that will recommend your business, products, services, etc. to other people. The score is used to determine exactly how satisfied your […]

Three Tips for Improving Business Processes Over the Long Run

Improving the efficiency of your business helps you meet your goals for both the short and long term. While you can try a variety of different methods on for size, this trial and error approach can take away valuable time and resources that you could use for other areas. The following three tips have […]

How Can We Measure Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is a tricky thing to measure. It is hard to measure loyalty because you aren’t truly sure that no matter how loyal a customer is that they will stay loyal in the future. The best way to judge customer loyalty is by looking for patterns by using surveys and other loyalty tools […]

How Does Market Research and Management Consulting Improve Business Processes?

For business owners that have discovered that their business processes are not as solid and streamlined as they should be, you should know that there are answers that can aid you in improving them significantly. This begins with conducting your own market research and ultimately, consulting with management to ensure that every business process […]

3 Ways Management Consulting Can Improve Your Company Right Away

You work hard to keep your business running as smoothly as possible, but sometimes the problems that are most difficult to see are the ones right under our nose. Everyone can benefit from an impartial third party view of things, and businesses are no exception. Management consulting is one way to take a step […]

Does My Business Need a Custom Net Promoter® Solution?  

No matter what service or product your business provides, no matter if your customers are businesses or individuals, no matter if your target demographic is wide or unbelievably narrow, one fact holds true: your customers will make or break your business. While attracting new customers is important, retaining them is even more so. Loyal […]

How Our Escalation Systems Help You Flag Customer Issues Early

Customers are what will make or break a business, and as such it is imperative to know what makes them loyal, what makes them happy, and what drives them away. While some of these things are intuitive and easily addressed, often you need a deeper look into what your customers need. Our escalation systems […]

How Can I Learn More About Customer Value?

Customer value is easy to define for an individual customer, but on a grander scale it can be harder to pin down. For an individual, it is simply the value the customer places on your product or service. Since this can obviously vary from person to person, a little help may be necessary to […]

Benefits of Business Processing Consulting For Your Customer Relations

Running a successful business is a constant balancing act; you must listen to the needs of your customers while maintaining business practices that allow you to work successfully and turn a profit while still keeping your customers happy. Customer satisfaction survey companies can help you balance all of these things and improve your customer satisfaction […]