The Top Four Reasons You Should Care About Your Net Promoter Score®


Although a net promoter score® may not seem like something worth worrying about, you need to take this metric very seriously. You see, this type of metric measures the overall willingness of customers that will recommend your business, products, services, etc. to other people. The score is used to determine exactly how satisfied your […]

How Many Questions Does the Ideal Customer Service Survey Have?

Are you getting ready to conduct a customer service survey for your business? Then there are a few things that you need to know about the entire process – namely about how many questions your customer service survey needs to have. As you probably already know, the attention spans of most people are at […]

What is a Transactional Survey?

Businesses always have a need to know how they are stacking when it comes to the expectations of their customers. This is often accomplished using one of two surveys: a transactional survey or a relationship survey. A transactional survey delivers feedback to a business regarding a particular transaction while a relationship survey is based […]

Why Do You Need a Customer Loyalty Analysis?


Have you ever wondered why some customers leave your brand? Do you wish that you could keep nearly all of your customers, and keep them from leaving your brand and jumping ship to your competitors? Every business owner would love to have this luxury, and it is possible with a customer loyalty analysis. There […]

How to Choose a Customer Service Satisfaction Survey Company


When trying to decide between customer satisfaction survey companies, you may be overwhelmed with companies and choices and terminology you do not understand. Navigating the market research business domain can be intimidating, but by looking at a few factors, you can find the company that will work for you.


Custom Solutions


Every business is not the […]

How to Understand a Net Promoter Score®  


The Net Promoter Score® is one of the most widely used methods of gauging customer loyalty, but it can be difficult to know what to do with it if you do not know what the number means. Below is a brief explanation of how the Net Promoter Score is determined and how it applies […]

Mistakes Companies Make in Bypassing Customer Surveys

No matter what industry your business is in, customer surveys provide an important look into how your business is faring in the public opinion. Your company depends on its customers to stay in business, so customer satisfaction surveys are incredibly important for every company to succeed. Apathetic Customers You may think that you do not need […]

How to Use Customer Satisfaction Surveys to Improve Your Business


Every business owner wants to know how their customers truly feel; after all, the first step to improving customer relations begins with knowing the reality of how their customers perceive them. Knowing this and actually getting the data to help you to improve customer relations are two completely different things; and getting this data […]

How Can We Measure Customer Loyalty?

Customer loyalty is a tricky thing to measure. It is hard to measure loyalty because you aren’t truly sure that no matter how loyal a customer is that they will stay loyal in the future. The best way to judge customer loyalty is by looking for patterns by using surveys and other loyalty tools […]

Benefits of Net Promoter Score® Report Reviewing

When it comes to measuring your brand’s net promoter score®, there are many advantages to doing so. Quite literally, knowing your brand’s net promoter score is one of the best ways to improve your overall brand considerably. Especially if you have had questions regarding if your brand is focusing on the proper areas that […]