A Feedback System for Service Companies

We understand service organizations have unique needs. While the client experience is what drives customer loyalty, satisfaction, and profitability across all industries, implementing a client feedback system for a business with a high volume of transactions spread across many accounts may seem challenging. But any company whose livelihood depends on providing an exceptional customer experience will realize the benefits of a professionally designed feedback tool.

Some service companies may want to utilize a transaction based approach to collect feedback. Others may take a more relationship-based approach, soliciting annually or semi-annually. And many of our clients desire a blended approach. That’s where our Smart Sampling™ system comes in. Smart Sampling is used to present customer satisfaction surveys with blended feedback tools that approach customers with the method that is most right for them and at the optimal moment. It ensures that both online survey tools and call center feedback systems are available and that no customer is burdened with multiple surveys.

Using our Smart Sampling feedback system, our customers have seen an increase in participation rates, client satisfaction, and retention rates.

Our client feedback tools are not simply limited to capturing the voice of the client. We also examine how your company measures and monitors your key business processes which serve as predictors of client loyalty. Combining the use of customized process metrics allows you to achieve even higher levels of client loyalty and retention. Our professional consulting team can also assess key touch points to determine ease of use, responsiveness and flexibility which commonly influence client satisfaction.

Using Client Feedback Tools to Spot Trends to help assess the quality of their experiences and if they will continue to do business with your company

Report Cards for Client Feedback Tools

Depending on your needs, our feedback systems can create monthly or quarterly report cards.

These report cards provide:

  • Detailed feedback
  • Trend analysis
  • Sentiment analysis of open-ended questions
  • Trend analysis of key drivers of satisfaction and customer loyalty
Quality Solutions’ client satisfaction surveys and loyalty assessment processes are customized programs that produce unbiased and unfiltered feedback from your customers. They help you assess the quality of those experiences and the likelihood that they will continue to do business with you.

With the actionable feedback from our client satisfaction surveys, you will be able to:

  • Define strengths, weaknesses and gaps within your company’s service delivery processes
  • Gather quantitative and qualitative feedback on your client service teams’ performance
  • Identify “At Risk” accounts, determine the sources of dissatisfaction and collect information that will allow you to avoid a customer’s departure by making necessary adjustments

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