No matter what service or product your business provides, no matter if your customers are businesses or individuals, no matter if your target demographic is wide or unbelievably narrow, one fact holds true: your customers will make or break your business. While attracting new customers is important, retaining them is even more so. Loyal customers return time and again, and also spread the word to others who may benefit from your service, while dissatisfied consumers can scare away potential new customers. A custom net promoter solution can help your business assess and grow their loyal customer base, while addressing the concerns of unhappy customers and help your business find and fix the problems that may have driven them away.


Net Promoter Score®


A Net Promoter Score assesses both the loyalty of your customer base and your business performance as seen through a customer’s eyes — which is, arguably, the most important viewpoint there is. A custom net promoter solution can help your business ask the right questions to get the answers you need. It will tell you how many customers are happy enough with your service to spread the word to friends or colleagues, how many are neutral to you, and how many are actively unhappy with the service they received. A net promoter score may just be numbers, but they are numbers that can, when used properly, can help you improve your business and your relationship with your most valuable resource, your customers.


Follow-up is Key


You may be wondering how a few numbers that you may not understand the full reasoning behind is meant to help your business. This is where the ‘custom’ portion of custom net promoters come in. After your Net Promoter Score is determined, you will be informed of everything that score can tell you — customer loyalty, and more importantly, what drives that loyalty. Knowing what drives customer loyalty can help you know what to keep doing, and what you need to improve. Then as a part of your long term net promoter solution plan, you can follow up with your customers with a new Net Promoter Score assessment on a weekly, monthly, or semi-annual basis so that you can easily see how your business is growing and evolving in the eyes of your customer base.


Makes a Difference on Every Level


After you have your initial Net promoter score, then your net promoter solutions consultant can help you devise a plan to use the information that score gives you to it’s fullest potential. Every aspect of your business can be improved with the information gathered. Your employees who have direct contact with your customers will receive training on the best ways to improve their customer relationships. Management will learn performance coaching and customer experience management. Executives will be assisted in learning better communication and strategy procedures. All of this will improve your business structure, and all of it comes from a few numbers that can point net promoter solutions consultants in the right direction to get your business the help it needs to grow by improving your relationships with your customers.