Customers are what will make or break a business, and as such it is imperative to know what makes them loyal, what makes them happy, and what drives them away. While some of these things are intuitive and easily addressed, often you need a deeper look into what your customers need. Our escalation systems are designed to help you discover what your customers want and need, and what sort of changes you might need to implement to retain more repeat business. A good relationship with your consumer base starts with being willing to listen to what they want, and we are here to help you do that with our customer satisfaction surveys.


Be proactive


Often by the time a customer takes it upon themselves to tell you what they do not like, they are already angry or irritated and it is too late to salvage their business. With our escalation systems, including interviews conducted on the phone, internet, and by mail, we can catch customer issues before they become a larger problem. Escalation systems allow you to be proactive, addressing potential problems instead of merely having to react after the communication between customer and business has already broken down. Meeting problems head-on instead of waiting until it is too late can save you countless customers.


Catch minor problems before they escalate


On the other side of the equation are of course the happy customers. Any business owner knows that you are more likely to hear from unhappy customers than the happy ones, which can make improvements difficult since you are only hearing one side of the story. Our escalation systems offer happy customers an easy way to let you know what they appreciate, what they love, and what are only minor irritations that they might not otherwise bother bringing up. This makes it easy for you to know what you should continue doing, and what you may need to change before larger issues emerge; what may only be a minor annoyance to an otherwise happy customer could be the straw that breaks camel’s back for a customer who is on the fence about whether they should continue to give you their business or not.


Several options available


We offer several variations of escalation systems, so that you may decide which will benefit your business the most. Customer satisfaction surveys such as phone surveys may work best for you if you want to ask more complex, open-ended questions, focusing on qualitative feedback over quantitative. If much of your business is conducted online or you have a large customer base, our online surveys may work best for you. Online surveys can also be supplemented with phone surveys to cover more questions and demographics. Mail surveys are also available for customer demographics that are less likely to be internet users.


In the end, communication is important in any relationship, including that of business and consumer. Our escalation systems are a fantastic way to allow your customers to easily communicate with you, and they will appreciate your effort to hear what they have to say.