When trying to decide between customer satisfaction survey companies, you may be overwhelmed with companies and choices and terminology you do not understand. Navigating the market research business domain can be intimidating, but by looking at a few factors, you can find the company that will work for you.


Custom Solutions


Every business is not the same, and so it follows that not every customer satisfaction survey should be the same. You should look for a customer satisfaction survey company that works with you to create custom surveys and solutions every step of the way. If you feel like a company is just taking a ‘form’ survey and plugging your company’s name into the appropriate slots, your customers will see it, too. Your surveys should be formed around the specific answers that your company needs and the services it offers, so finding a customer satisfaction survey company who is willing to work on a custom solution with you is very important. You should also try to find a company who is willing to make changes without complaint if you see questions you would like added or removed in the surveys they design for you.


Personal Touch


This may seem like it goes along with custom solutions, but this is less about the survey itself and more about the interactions you have with the professionals conducting your customer satisfaction survey. You should hire a customer satisfaction survey company who is responsive and answers your questions and concerns quickly and without condescension. You will, hopefully, be working closely with this team of professionals, so making sure that they are people you can actually get along with is important. If you have more than one contact in the company, they should communicate well with each other as well as you; receiving conflicting information can be a sign that the teamwork within the company is not going as well as it should.


Multiple Methods


While many businesses are operated mostly online nowadays, in many cases restricting yourself to the internet will limit the customers you reach. If your business operates in a storefront or other venue that pulls in customers from places other than the internet, you will need a customer satisfaction survey company that offers various methods for obtaining customer feedback. Limiting your survey to email can cut off quite a few customers with valuable feedback for their demographic, so find a company that also offers telephone and mail surveys. To this end, also look for a customer satisfaction survey company who offers multilingual or translation services to increase your outreach.


Integrated Solutions


So once you have your customer satisfaction survey answers, what do you do with them? If this question makes you hesitate, you should consider looking for a company that offers integrated business solutions. Many companies that offer customer satisfaction surveys also offer customer value analysis, net promoter score® performance reporting, and business process improving. These services can help you interpret the responses from the customer satisfaction survey and design business policy changes that will make the most of the knowledge you have gained.