No matter what industry your business is in, customer surveys provide an important look into how your business is faring in the public opinion. Your company depends on its customers to stay in business, so customer satisfaction surveys are incredibly important for every company to succeed.


Apathetic Customers


You may think that you do not need customer satisfaction customers because angry customers tend to make themselves known, whether by complaining or by posting poor reviews. Occasionally even a happy customer will speak up, though it’s proven that this happens less often, even when most customers are thrilled with their service; people are just more vocal when they are unhappy. This is ignoring a large portion of your customer base — apathetic customers. These customers were not displeased with your service or product, nor were they overly thrilled; rather, your company fulfilled what they perceive as your duties adequately and then they moved on and possibly forgot all about you. There’s the dangerous part — they forgot all about you! Businesses need word of mouth and repeat customers to succeed, and apathetic customers give you none of that. A professional customer satisfaction survey company can help you formulate a survey to help you find out what would have imprinted you more firmly in these customers’ minds, which can have a huge impact on your business.


Apathetic Business


When you provide a service or product to your customers, but do not provide any follow up, then we are back to that apathy thing again; your customers may see your lack of follow up as a sign that you do not really care about how they felt about the service you provided to them. A customer satisfaction survey lets your customers know that you value their input and opinion, and are potentially open to amending your practices to make their experiences in the future better. This will increase their confidence in your company as you show them you are willing to improve to make their experiences in the future as great as you can. Customers are much more likely to recommend a company that they have a lengthy relationship with to their family and friends.


Customer Relations


Customer satisfaction surveys are a fantastic way to build long lasting personal relationships with your customers. Customers like being appreciated, and responding personally to any issues they might have had and taking their suggestions to heart can go a long way toward showing that you appreciate their business and want to continue your professional relationship for a long time.




When you are making decisions about any major decision involving your company, researching your customer base is an important step that is often overlooked, leading to new logos or products that fall flat or customer service decisions that anger the target demographic. Customer satisfaction surveys are one way you can do some research into what your customers want, then translate that into how to apply it to your company in a way that allows you to move forward with the changes you need.