Although a net promoter score® may not seem like something worth worrying about, you need to take this metric very seriously. You see, this type of metric measures the overall willingness of customers that will recommend your business, products, services, etc. to other people. The score is used to determine exactly how satisfied your customers are with your business as a whole. A lower net promoter score obviously means that your business needs to work some aspects of your business – and with a low score, expect new customers to be hesitant to do business with you. Still not convinced?

Below are the top four reasons why you need to care about your net promoter score.

A chance to refocus

Do you feel as if your business has lost focus somewhere down the line? Then analyzing your net promoter score will allow you to focus once again on your business and discover for yourself what needs to be fixed. This type of metric will force you to stop focusing on earning money and placing an emphasis on stellar customer service. By improving your customer service, you are going to find that it will be much easier to keep your customers coming back to your business; as any business owner knows, it is much cheaper to retain customers than it is to earn new ones.

Higher response rates

Net promoter scores are also great for figuring out exactly why some customers have a bad taste in their mouths whenever it comes to your business. As you already know, most businesses opt to send customer service satisfaction surveys to their customers whenever they want to learn for themselves what is going wrong when it comes to customer service. Most people do not have the time to fill out a survey full of pages upon pages of questions asking them to rate their satisfaction (and even then, who wants to fill out a survey?). Instead, a net promoter score will consist of only a few questions – mainly what went wrong and what exactly can be improved. This will give you a much higher response rate, allowing you to determine where your business can be improved.

Gets everyone on the same page

Every employee at your business should be working for the greater good. Unfortunately, most businesses have a difficult time getting their employees to focus on one central goal. Yet, a net promoter score will not only inform your employees where they need to place her focus, but it will also allow them to easily see why they need to focus! From there, it is up to you to get everyone the same page.

Your customers will know you care about them

Because a net promoter score informs you and your employees as to where your business can improve, this in turn will obviously allow you to improve your business. As you improve your business, your customers are going to know that you genuinely care about them. Don’t worry: your business is going to do just fine!