Your Net Promoter Score® is used to measure the performance of your company, by determining how satisfied the customers from your products are. This can be achieved just by asking your customers the question about how likely are they to recommend the products of your company to the people they know, responding on a metric scale from zero to ten. This is a good system for your company to determine the percentage of the loyal customers of your company.

No matter what score you get by using the Net Promoter system®, you should always look to improve the services and products of your company in order to bring in more customers. Here are some tips and ways in which you can maximize your Net Promoter Score.


  • Focus on the needs of your customers. It can be a good and profitable strategy for your company if you train your employees to be customer oriented. Spend some time in helping your employees to develop better skills for dealing with customers, and how they can better understand the customer. Make sure your employees will understand the importance of the services and products of your company and how the customers can benefit from them.
  • Always listen to the customer feedback. Take time to listen and understand the expectations of your customers. Respond to their needs and value their opinions if you want them to come back and use your services or products again. Also a good thing is to thank your customers for choosing your business.
  • Provide a quality experience. Sell products and services of high quality. Of course you cannot satisfy each and every customer, but make sure you provide products or services that will even exceed their expectations. Never tell your customer that you cannot help them or that there is nothing more that you can do. Always seek ways on how can you make something right in case your customer is not satisfied.
  • Be transparent with your work. Always put a single, clear price on your products without any hidden costs or additional charges. If you own a website make it as easy and as transparent as it can be. Customers want to have clear information about anything before they buy something, so provide them an efficient experience.
  • Invite customers to interaction by properly marketing your business. Tell your potential customers your mission, your goals and your basic message. Inspire them to focus on the good things on your services and products. Be enthusiastic and always show that you care about them. When you are explaining things about services and products, make sure you do it in a manner which can be easily understood by the customers. During the interactions with the customers put a focus on what you can do for them and how well can you do it. Be open, upfront and honest with your customers. If you do that, they will always remember the quality service provided and they will be more likely to return back for your products or services.