ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is one of the most reputable international organizations in this area. ISO 9001 is an international standard which includes requirements for a quality management system in a business organization that must be met by the organization in order to align its operations with internationally recognized standards. The quality system is actually a control system that can help companies achieve a set of goals in terms of quality service delivery and operations. This complex system includes organizational structure, responsibilities within the organization, resources and processes needed for successful system management and few other elements.

The quality management system according ISO 9001 is based on several management principles. These principles can be used by the company’s management as guiding framework for the company in order to improve the overall performance. The principles are based on the collective experience and knowledge of experts from around the globe who participate in the work of the Technical Committee ISO/TC 176 which is responsible for developing and maintaining the ISO standards.

ISO 9001 is suitable and recommended for all organizations that want to improve the way their management is functioning no matter if we are talking about big or small organizations or the type of their activity. Besides that, ISO 9001 is compatible with few other management system standards and since they share many principles they can be easily integrated. The main purpose of ISO 9001 is to increase the efficiency of the organization through the application of a different process approach.
ISO 9001 points out the fundamental requirements for a quality management system that organizations must implement in order to demonstrate their ability to consistently produce their products and services and increase the customer satisfaction and meet applicable laws and rules at the same time.

With the implementation of ISO 9001 standards, organizations can increase the business confidence in both existing and potential clients, improve productivity, increase customer satisfaction, achieve and keep a stable level of quality, create opportunities to become part of new markets and increase the share in existing markets and much more.

In order to implement this standard, these organizations need the help of certified management consulting firms like Quality Solutions.

The methodology used by Quality Solutions starts by naming the persons responsible for the quality management system in the organization. After that, the process of education and training of the employees begins. In this way the employees with get familiar with the requirements of this standard while certain groups of employees will work on the realization of this project.  Quality Solutions has a specific approach that involves recording of all important processes in the organization that affect its mission. Furthermore, they are documenting the quality system and they also implement the documentation and monitor its application. Another step is education and training in the methods and tools of quality and appropriate software in the daily work of the organization. Finally, Quality Solutions can provide certification of the quality management system according to ISO 9001.