When it comes to measuring your brand’s net promoter score®, there are many advantages to doing so. Quite literally, knowing your brand’s net promoter score is one of the best ways to improve your overall brand considerably. Especially if you have had questions regarding if your brand is focusing on the proper areas that will jumpstart growth, or you are looking for a way to discover where your business is lacking, knowing your net promoter score and reviewing it regularly is a great first step to improving your brand better than ever. Below are the benefits of reviewing your net promoter score.


Simple to understand


A net promoter score is so easy to understand, literally anyone can grasp the concept behind it. According to experts, the main question behind every net promoter score is, “what is the chances you will recommend my business to someone that values your opinion?” Using an easy-to-understand scale, it becomes simple to discover whether or not someone would indeed recommend your business to someone else.


Easy to calculate


That net promoter score scale is as easy as counting from 1-10. 0-6 means the person is probably not going to recommend your business to someone you know, while 7-8 means they may or may not (i.e. they are merely passive customers and are not loyal). 9-10 is in the range of every brand’s ‘dream customer,’ in that they are the most likely to recommend your business to someone they know.


Quick insight


A net promoter score will allow you to quickly discover whether or not your customers will promote your brand’s products and/services. That much is true, but it’s also a great way to help you to determine how satisfied your customers are with your brand. A second question to ask after asking the main question behind every net promoter score (mentioned above) should be, “why did you answer in the manner that you did?” From there, you can get an insight into where your brand is lacking, and what you can do to improve it.


Plan ahead before launch


This is also a great way to determine where you need to improve your business before you make an important decision – such as before the launch of a product. A net promoter score will help you to create a gameplan for improving your overall brand. Think of it as a roadmap: if you don’t know where to look, you won’t know where to go (in this case, ‘going’ meaning ‘improving’). A net promoter score is the roadmap your brand can use to make improvements across the board, so use it.


Discover where a brand’s focus needs to be placed


If you have had problems with focus lately, know that your net promoter score will allow you to hone your focus on different facets of your brand. Use the information from your net promoter score to keep your brand strong. At the end of the day, you will be glad that you did.