online-surveys  Online Survey Software, Reporting and Dashboards

The world is full of online survey tools, but none adapt to the variety of needs today’s market demands better than Online Survey Solutions™. Our cloud-based research application has best-in-business customization and reporting capabilities to get feedback from your customers quickly and easily. What’s more, our software is supported by the consulting expertise of market research professionals who are dedicated to providing solutions essential to your organization.

Customer Survey Consultants

Along with the best online survey tools available anywhere, our professional consulting team will guide you through the process of designing a customer satisfaction survey that accounts for sampling, database management, custom branding, and development of world-class reporting tools. Our survey company has highly trained consultants skilled in helping you through the entire process of survey design, deployment, reporting and analysis.

Customer Service Survey Software

Our customizable online survey software is supported by the Net Promoter Score® system. It can track multiple customer touch points, send survey invitations by secured email, and provide the data required to find solutions, improve customer experience, and continue ongoing relationships in a positive light.

Other capabilities of our online survey software include:

  • Custom design surveys from scratch
  • Unlimited number of items per survey
  • Unlimited number of potential respondents or invitees
  • Ability to manage multiple surveys simultaneously
  • Multi-language surveys
  • Custom formatting including title colors, font styles and font sizes
  • Personalized with your logo
  • Customer value management and analysis
  • Item branching
  • Item skip logic
  • Piping
  • Optional “Percent Completed” indicator
  • Ability to customize standard messages (e.g. Closed Survey, Save & Return)
  • Ability to customize buttons (e.g. Begin Survey, Continue)
  • Cookie-free, HTML compliant surveys
  • Question and page formatting
  • Custom “Thank You” message upon survey completion
  • “Required Question” option
  • Item organization: move question up, down or anywhere on question list
  • Question types: Drop-down, radio-button, check-box, rank-order, open-ended, radio-button matrix, drop-down matrix, automatic sum, automatic percentage, numeric, display text
  • Privacy and security
  • Participant tracking
  • Sending reminder emails only to non-respondents
  • Unique key generator enables us to generate unique survey URLs
  • Blocking multiple responses by creating individual survey URLs for each survey respondent
  • “Save and Continue Later” functionality
  • Embedding survey link into a web page
  • Redirect to web page of choice upon completion of survey
  • Unlimited forms of analysis and reporting of results!

Net Promoter® Survey Software

When you select Quality Solutions to assist you in your process you will have the assurance of knowing you are working with a Certified Net Promoter Consultant. Our services are designed to address the critical business issues of customer loyalty, retention, and growth. We offer customized solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. We never offer canned or cookie cutter solutions.

Quality Solutions has always been committed to applying leading edge methods to assess customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Our adoption of NPS® came after serious benchmarking of best practices from a variety of industries. Our objective has always been to support our clients’ attainment of Performance Excellence, and we have found that Net Promoter Score is a proven process to assess customer loyalty.

Quality Analysis in Real-Time

Supported by a team of market research experts who provide customized and innovative solutions for all types and sizes of businesses, our survey software makes reporting performance easy. From analysis tied to your internal key performance indicators to real-time analysis, we provide the data you need, how you need it, when you need it.

Our user friendly reports can include:

  • The relative importance of the drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Net Promoter Score and reasons behind the score
  • How factors other than price influence the buying decisions of your customers and your competitors’ customers
  • Comprehensive information on your performance along with competitors’ performance for each element of customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Specific recommendations on what to improve and by how much
  • Follow-up consultation and guidance on how to manage any required changes