Relationship Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Nothing replaces a strong relationship between buyer and seller. It’s a trust that can’t be replicated – or often recovered once lost. That’s why it’s important to know what your customers think of you. This is particularly important in industries where the interaction is not based on a single point-of-sale transaction, but rather a series of meetings, discussions, or services over time. For relationship-based businesses, implementing a client satisfaction survey can seem tricky, but Quality Solutions’ survey software has specific tools for the types of surveys. We will balance the volume of transactions, number of customers, and types of interactions they have with your business to produce a broad view of how your company interacts with the most important segments of your client base.

Measuring Relationship Satisfaction

Relationship surveys are a time investment, providing feedback throughout a series of interactions and allowing for extensive competitive comparisons. This feedback is based on the entirety of the customer’s experience with a company’s products and services.

Let our experts walk you through the process of designing and developing a successful strategic customer satisfaction survey that can be supported by internal process metrics to best deliver the questions you want answered.

Relationship surveys typically go beyond a simple assessment of customer satisfaction and may include:

  • Buying criteria
  • Competitive analysis
  • Brand recognition and loyalty
  • Distinctive core competencies (yours and your competitors’)
  • In-depth qualitative feedback

Feedback Tools

Quality Solutions’ survey software interfaces with any CRM or sales system. Using our API tools, we ensure timely data collection, analysis and feedback. Our system avoids customer overage or individuals being tagged with multiple surveys to avoid overlaps and lessen the chance of annoying frequent customers with the same questions.

Once up and running, detailed report cards and custom dashboards are easily downloaded and quickly shared throughout all levels of your organization.

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