Management Consulting Process

Management Consulting Delivering Results

Management Consulting which Deliver Results

Quality Solutions provides a full range of management consulting and business process improvement services to give companies a competitive advantage. By focusing exclusively on customers and process, our clients get a true picture of how they are perceived and specific changes to be made in order to achieve excellence.


Powerful and Practical Advice

Our staff understands that today’s world is complex and quickly identifying areas of need and offering solutions are the key to continued growth. Competitive pressures, regulatory compliance, rising costs and effective management of human capital must drive management decisions.

Our role is to ensure our clients have useful and timely information that will help you address the constantly changing landscape in order to maintain a competitive advantage. We ensure our reporting methods, systems, and procedures are customer driven, enhance productivity, and increase effectiveness.

Achieving the highest levels of quality and competitiveness requires a well-defined, well-executed approach. We work with our clients to achieve incremental and breakthrough improvements which facilitate cultural change and have a bottom line impact.

In order to integrate these practices we help you:

  • Create a structure and mechanisms to support the continuous improvement effort
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators that measure the predictors of customer satisfaction and operational performance
  • Assess your business practices to determine their effectiveness, deployment, and results
  • Develop detailed action plans to help you achieve performance excellence
  • Develop internal facilitators and provide practical training in problem solving tools
  • Utilize the principles of Process Management to optimize business processes

A Wide Range of Consulting Services

Through our work with customer satisfaction surveys, we help businesses uncover many successes and failures. But we take that information on step further, helping you capitalize on the positives and turn the negatives into opportunities for growth – all with a customized, partnership approach that doesn’t try to fit your needs into a standardized approach. As a result, our management consulting and business process improvement services take on many flavors.

Just a few of the typical consulting services we provide include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Customer value analysis
  • Information technology policy and procedure development
  • Employee satisfaction measurement


Solutions & Success Stories

Here are a few of our management consulting success stories:

  • Redesigned product development process which reduced project slip rate dramatically.
  • Created a supplier development system which incorporated better use of supplier audits, supplier metrics, and involvement of suppliers in the early stages of product development, resulting in huge reductions in component costs, reduction in product development cycle time, and excellent levels of component reliability.
  • Redesigned performance appraisal system supporting employee development and linking pay for performance.
  • Redesigned sales processes from a traditional sales process to a consultative sales approach thus providing greater customer value and resulting in increased sales.
  • Redesigned a healthcare organization’s records management system to meet regulatory requirements and support rising internal operational demands.
  • Redesigned procurement processes resulting in greater control, increased inventory turns, and improved supplier performance.
  • Redesigned performance management process used by Sales in support of CRM initiatives.
  • Created IT policies and procedures meeting requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.