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Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience Surveys

Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience Surveys

Internal reviews only go so far. Businesses that accurately see themselves through the eyes of their customers possess the information they need to thrive and grow. A well-designed and professionally executed customer satisfaction survey gets the answers you need to identify problems, develop solutions, maintain a competitive edge and maximize your business.


At Quality Solutions, we work alongside our partner client to determine the right questions, collect the data, work though the analysis, and provide actionable reports to identify solutions and drive long-term success.


Customer Survey Consultants

This is no quick-fix survey software and just asking questions won’t drive significant business process improvement. By working as your partner, Quality Solutions helps you determine the objectives for your survey, choose which type of survey is best suited to your business (transactional or relationship), and develops the survey solution to best suit your needs. Our market research services help benchmark your results against the competition, and our management consulting team will assist you in turning that information into a real opportunity for improvement and growth.

Quality Solutions, Inc. has become internationally recognized offering clients a wide range of market research support and management consulting services for 25 years.  Our services are designed with one goal in mind, “Performance Excellence.”

Transactional Surveys

Excellent for companies fueled by customer transactions and interactions that influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.  To understand and respond to customer experiences you need to have timely feedback.  Our tools provide timely feedback on individual transactions or customer experiences from one or many touchpoints.  Moreover reporting of results is real-time and available 24 x7.
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Relationship Surveys

Conducted every six to 12 months for businesses that are more relationship focused rather than driven by frequent, distinct transactions with their clients. Step back and see the big picture to drive sales growth and profitability.
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Other Market Research

Competitive analysis. Benchmark studies. Call center surveys. Brand awareness studies. Customer value analysis. Choose the right customized market research for your needs.
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Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Once objectives have been established, Quality Solutions select the right survey software, tools and methodologies for contacting clients. Our service offerings include:

Online Surveys

In today’s digital age, most people are comfortable with providing feedback online. This is especially effective when polling a large customer base, and, by working through your CRM system’s email database, offers a lower price point than other survey methods. Online surveys also can be supplemented with phone surveys to ensure a better range of response rates and mixes.
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Telephone Surveys

When customer behavior is too complex for online surveys, telephone surveys can produce the results you need. Phone surveys allow for more open-ended questions to provide stronger management of customer selection and proper sampling among the desired groups. Through our U.S-based call center, you can be sure that our operators help customers feel at ease, which leads to more detailed responses.


Multilingual Options

Through our partnership with Corporate Translations Inc., clients can have their online customer satisfaction surveys translated into more than 100 languages.


Knowledge is Power

To stay ahead in business, your management team needs to know more than your competitors do about:

  • What drives customer satisfaction and its influence on purchase/repurchase intentions
  • The forces behind customer loyalty, customer retention, and sales growth
  • The customer’s likelihood to recommend your business
  • The influences behind the relationship between price and value
  • How you stack up with competitors
  • Future customer requirements and performance expectations

Our customer feedback tools and experienced consultants will provide you with this knowledge – along with the action items for driving growth.