Balanced Scorecards

Quality Solutions is recognized for its world-class expertise in the design and implementation of balanced scorecards and key performance indicators.

Through comprehensive dashboards that display key performance indicators based on the analytics you define, our system helps manage the pulse of your organization’s performance and improve your bottom line. Each system is customized so regardless of the industry or information system, your balanced scorecard system will include the tools to easily monitor what drives performance.

Along with financial performance, successful organizations examine predictors of customer satisfaction, operational performance, and organizational development. Combined, these represent a balanced scorecard of key performance indicators. Go beyond merely measuring customer satisfaction. Identify and analyze the process along with your customers’ voices to drive higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, sales and profitability.

Use Key Performance Indicators to create a Balanced Scorecard

Methodologies for Obtaining Customer Feedback

Quality Solutions has helped Fortune 500 and small startups alike achieve record levels of performance. Regardless of the industry or size of your business, we will:

  • Assess your current metrics
  • Help you identify the most important metrics, which directly impacts corporate objectives
  • Collaborate with your IT and finance departments to enhance reporting tools
  • Provide training of executives, managers and staff
  • Incorporate the use of KPIs within the performance appraisal process