Customer Value Analysis

Why do customers buy from you rather than your competition? Our market research tools provide insight the forces behind that question.

The Value of Market Research

Market-driven companies understand the importance of managing the research, planning and improvement of core beliefs held by customers. These value propositions typically are based on several basic assumptions:

  • Relative importance
  • Benefits
  • Performance
  • Price

Insightful Competitor Benchmarking

Quality Solutions focuses on defining the primary benefits customers receive and any future expectations they have regarding performance. Along with knowing what needs to be improved, companies must know how much improvement is necessary for market recognition. As part of our analysis, we segment your customers and your competitors’ customers based on the relative value they place on a variety of aspects. Every report includes specific recommendations that can be incorporated into sales and marketing plans, pricing policies, sales training and corporate strategic plans as well as:

  • Analysis of the performance factors for current, potential and competitor accounts.
  • Analysis of your customers’ value proposition compared to your competition.
  • Assessment of your brand image and that of your competitors.
  • Comparisons of your distinctive competence to that of your competitors – in short: Why do they buy from you, and why do they buy from your competitors?
  • Action items and process improvements based on metrics and statistical models.
  • Statistical response rates that assure confident decision-making.
  • Customer models and improvement strategies to increase sales, loyalty and profits.