Transactional Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers interact with businesses in myriad ways. Successful companies understand that in order to improve the total customer experience, every touch point must be examined and evaluated to provide a complete picture. The simplest and surest way to achieve this is through transactional customer satisfaction surveys. Quality Solutions implements these types of surveys through our U.S.-based call center or through our online survey tools. No matter which option you choose, the process begins by examining all of the ways your customers interact with your company.

When to Use Transactional Surveys

Traditional surveys provide instant feedback and are excellent for monitoring:

  • Call center performance
  • Retail customer experience
  • Technical support
  • Help desks
  • High volume sales functions
  • Overlapping service and support provided by insurance companies and banks

Benefits of Transactional Surveys

Benefits of a transactional customer satisfaction survey include:

  • Escalation process. We identify situations where customers have experienced poor service or product failure, and notify you so you can assign a designated client representative to take corrective action. Turn an unpleasant customer experience into a positive situation that impacts the long-term relationship.
  • Actionable information. Use instant feedback to support customer service training and technical support staff, assess policies and procedures and target infrastructure shortcomings.
  • Closing the loop on the feedback. Our professional customer experience consultants help you develop the internal resources to conduct successful follow-up interviews with customers at risk. This includes a review of policies and procedures that negatively influence customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Feedback Tools

Quality Solutions’ survey software interfaces with any CRM or sales system. Using our API tools, we ensure timely data collection, analysis and feedback. Our system avoids customer overage or individuals being tagged with multiple surveys to avoid overlaps and lessen the chance of annoying frequent customers with the same questions.

Once up and running, detailed report cards and custom dashboards are easily downloaded and quickly shared throughout all levels of your organization.

(Read more information about our survey tools.)