The customer satisfaction surveys are a very efficient tool for getting a feedback from the customers about what they think about products or services: are they good or bad, what they do not like and what they do like, what makes them come back to use or buy products again, and what drives them away from buying or using services. However, in order for the surveys to be good they need to be answered or filled out properly. Customer satisfaction surveys need to have a good design, and only the nicely done surveys will bring you the answers that you need to maintain and expand your business.

There are a few methods and ways for getting a customer`s feedback. In order to determine what type of customer satisfaction survey would be the most efficient survey for your business, you must first determine the objectives or goals for the research study. The following ways can be used as a support to the surveys as well as to other customized researches about the market.

1.Mail surveys.

These are commonly used on people that are not users of the internet technology. Usually mail surveys are conducted in places with older population that does not work with computers. Places such as retirement homes, hospitals and clinics, recovery centers and similar places are usually places that use mail surveys as a way for getting feedback from the customers.

2.Telephone Surveys.

These types of surveys are most beneficial if the customer base is smaller. Telephone surveys are easily manageable and the feedback of the customers can be properly sampled into subgroups. If you want to hear directly the customer`s opinions and thoughts and you have numerous questions, then this is the best way for getting a feedback. The results obtained are most accurate and the quality of the research project will be at the highest level by using this type of survey. However, in order for the customers to reply to your questions and to be patient enough to answer them, the telephone interviewers must have the ability to explain the specific matters from the research and to make the customers feel comfortable during the interviewing process.

3.Online Surveys.

Online customer satisfaction surveys are much cheaper than the other two methods, mail surveys and telephone surveys. These types of surveys are most beneficial and effective when the relations between the customer and the provider are often managed through different online communications. If your customer relationship management system has the correct email addresses of the customers, than this type of survey is probably the best way to use for getting a customer feedback. The online customer satisfaction surveys are very effective when the survey is conducted on a large number of customers. Also the costs and the time spent on them will be reduced to a minimum. The online customer satisfaction surveys can also be complemented together with telephone surveys in order to obtain better rates of responses.